Alan from U.S. writes:

I keep having my friends on Facebook tell me they don’t know how to copy and paste using their phones. Can they and if so, how?

Palm itching to copy and paste text messages and emails then share them with friends? With a few simple key presses you can now select a word, paragraph or picture and paste it directly into another program or application.

1. Select the text or picture you would like to copy.

 Simply press on any message bubble, paragraph or picture and hold until the Select, Select all , and Paste bubble pops up. For pictures, the same thing must be done.

Quick Review

Select means selecting one word or a group of words.

Select All means selecting all words in the section or paragraph.

Paste means pasting the last text you copied.

2. Now that you are done selecting the text or picture you would like to cut or copy, check and make sure that the complete section is highlighted. Want to change the area? Simply move the icons at the top, bottom, or either side of the highlighted section to make the change. They will look like small blue circles.

When you are satisfied with the section to copied, simply press the section again to reveal the Cut, Copy, and Paste selections.

Quick Review!

Cut means removing a word, group of words, paragraph, or picture.

Copy means copying the selected section so it can be pasted somewhere else.

Paste means pasting the section that was last copied.

3. Now that you have copied the text or picture next is to pull up the page or application you would like to have the information pasted to. Just press and hold the screen at the location you would like the text entered until you see a magnifying glass pull up. Remove your finger and a paste bubble will pop up. Just press on the paste bubble and the last text or picture you copied will be entered.

4. Oops! Need to undo the last section you pasted? Simply shake your iPhone and press undo paste from the options that pull up.

This feature is available to latest iPhones such as the iPhone 5,¬† iPhone 4S, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs. If you can do it on your desktop, your iPhone won’t let you be left behind. Check it out!

~ Heather Buford