How Do I Get My E-mail Automatically?

Russ from Chambers, Nebraska writes:

How can I get my new emails to come automatically, without having to click the send/receive button?

Russ, you’ll need to open up your Outlook inbox and select the Send/Receive Tab.


The choose Send/Receive groups.



Then select either the group you wish to change the settings for or just click All Accounts if you want to change it for everything.



The Send/Receive Group window will open.



Here you can adjust how often Outlook checks for e-mails. You can choose between 1 and 1440 minutes. Choosing 1440 minutes means your account will only check for mail once a day.



Outlook will check for new email when you open it and at the duration you’ve selected.  It’s recommended that you don’t check for e-mail any more often than every 10 minutes, especially if you receive a large volume of e-mail. 

You can also choose here to perform an automatic send/receive when you exit Outlook.

 ~ Cynthia

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  1. I tried this but before I could get the Send/Receive Group window to stay open so I could check the settings, I had to click on Define Send/Recieve Groups. Not sure if this is the same for all computer systems.

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