Will Any Other Companies Continue To Support XP?

Ed writes:

Since Microsoft will no longer be supporting there operating system Windows XP do you know of another company that will continue to support their operating system? It appears that greedy old Microsoft has finally convinced me they can’t be depended on and it’s time to move on to a less greedy company.

In Microsoft’s defense, XP is a 12-year-old operating system. It will be 13-years-old when they cease support.  And because of XP’s age there are a considerable amount of security and bug issues. Plus, it just isn’t powerful enough to keep up with many new applications.

As Microsoft pointed out recently XP was the subject of 45 security bulletins. between July 2012 and July 2013. There is the possibility of third-party support for some businesses or custom support of businesses from Microsoft. But this support is really just designed to hold businesses over while they migrate to another operating system.

But third-party support will not address security issues for the core Windows kernel. Security providers have always gotten that information from Microsoft. Microsoft is offering Custom Support for business clients that will run about $200 per device for the first year. This could cost a large company millions of dollars a year.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find third-party support for XP, because without Microsoft providing the security and bug-fix research, it would be prohibitively expensive for any service to put out that kind of effort.  They would likely have to charge hundreds of dollars a year for the service.  And since the number of XP users will continue to decline, a third-party company would be unlikely to want to put the time and money into the product.

Some are hoping that Microsoft will change its mind and continue support, but that seems unlikely. 

The least expensive option at this point is to simply upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. That is, if you want to stay with Windows. If you are truly done with Microsoft, you could consider switching to a Mac, a Linux system or even a Chromebook powered by Google. 

 ~ Cynthia

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  1. Cynthia,

    I don’t think he was looking for support for XP, especially not paid support. I think he wants to switch away from Microsoft and may be looking for some other OS. Of course the bottom line on that is that no one supports their OSes for that long, so switching isn’t going to let him go 13+ more years without upgrades.

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