iOS 7 Fixes 80 Security Issues On iPhone

The iOS 7 update not only gives iPhones a new look for the operating system, it also fixes 80 security issues that could threaten your iPhone, iPad or iPod. 

Some of these vulnerabilities date back two years and include flaws that allow the execution of malicious code, vulnerabilities that could make it possible for someone to determine your password and the ability for others to intercept your data.

There was also an issue that would allow others to send Tweets that appear to come from your phone and a bug that could prevent you from making phone calls.  Also addressed was an issue that could allow an attacker to restart your device remotely  and multiple flaws that could lead attackers being able to remotely execute code on your phone. At least 20 of these issues were reported to Apple by the Google Chrome Security Team.

There was also a flaw that would allow someone to hack the password to a user’s Personal Hotspot and join without permission.

For a full list of the issues addressed, you can click here.

Apple has long prided itself on not having as many security issues as other operating system, but the long list of vulnerabilities addressed in this update shows that no system is impervious to attackers.

It’s also another reason to upgrade to iOS7, if you’ve been putting it off.

~ Cynthia

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