How To Send Large Email Attachments With Yahoo Mail

For most attachments, Yahoo Mail’s 25 MB limit isn’t a problem. You could easily send short videos, music, documents and photos without going over the limit. If you need to send something larger, such as a large presentation with high quality images or a home movie, you’ll need to go through a few extra steps to attach any files over 25 MB. You have three different options for large attachments.

If you have a Flickr or Dropbox account, you can share the files directly from either of these accounts. When composing a new email, click the attachment icon and select either Share from Flickr or Share from Dropbox



 The process for each site varies slightly, but you’ll be prompted to sign in to your account and attach an existing file from your account. For the purposes of this tip, we’ll cover Yahoo’s default method for sending large files which uses Dropbox. 

Start by composing a new Yahoo email. Click the arrow beside the paperclip icon directly below the Subject box. 



 Select Attach from my computer.



Choose the file you want to attach and press Open.



Press Okay to agree to use Dropbox to attach your file. You don’t need a pre-existing Dropbox account to use this method. If you don’t have an account, you can create one before attaching the file.



If you don’t have a Dropbox account, enter a new password in the Sign Up form, check the term agreement box and press Sign Up. If you do have an account, click the Sign In link below the Sign Up button.




Press the Link Account button to link your Yahoo email to Dropbox. You’ll only need to go through this process once. After you link your accounts, you’ll be able to attach large files quickly. If you’d prefer to sign in to Dropbox each time you use the service, press Deny instead.





Wait for the attachment to upload to Dropbox and attach to your message. The file you attach is actually stored in your newly created Dropbox account. When the recipient opens the message, they can download the file directly from the message without needing a Dropbox account.




Once the file is finished attaching, send your message as usual. The recipient will see a link to download the file. 

For future large attachments, you can use the above method if the file is stored on your computer or choose Share from Dropbox in the Yahoo Mail Attachment drop down box if you have the file stored in your Dropbox account. For the latter, you’ll be taken directly to a listing of your Dropbox files for you to chose from.


11 thoughts on “How To Send Large Email Attachments With Yahoo Mail

  1. Honestly, what happened to privacy. I don’t want everything automatically being uploaded online. I want my stuff to stay private. Can’t they figure out how to send large files without spreading them all over the internet. Thanks.

    1. Lily, any e-mail that you send is uploaded online. It goes up to your e-mail sever and is then transferred to the e-mail server of the person who is receiving the message. The only difference is that instead of being part of the e-mail, it’s taken up as a separate file and doesn’t stall sending or receiving of e-mail because of the size.

  2. Good day, i need to send a large file (39mb) so i used dropbox, when i tried to send it, its says that its unable to send the mail, “If you are sending a link, try adding some text to it. This helps us fight spam.” what could be the problem? thanks in advance

  3. I followed the procedure to attach large file and linked the account to dropbox. It delivered the first time but when I sent another email with the same file delivery failed because file is too big. It didn’t prompt me to share through dropbox. I also tried forward same email with attachment that delivered first time and delivered failed on this one too, file too big.

  4. its good, but the most you can upload is 300MB, if you want like bigger than that, you would have to install the desktop Dropbox

  5. I don’t get how an 18 second video taken on my iphone is too big to send via email now. It never was before!

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