In The News: 10-11-2013

Windows 8 passes iOSX

Windows 8 users now outnumber Mac users worldwide according to a new report from StatCounter.  For September 2013, Mac OS users made up around 7% of computer operating systems while Windows 8 users make up 7.46%.

That is far behind leader Windows 7 with nearly 52% of all systems. Windows XP comes in a distant second with around 21% of the market. That’s still pretty high considering that Microsoft is discontinuing support for XP in April of 2014.

Narrative Lets You Record Every Moment Of Your Life

The Narrative clip-on camera promises to let you record every moment of your life as it happens. The $279 device will clip on your shirt and allow you take continuous photographs of your day as it happens. 

The developers tout it as a revolutionary way to supplement your memories by taking pictures of everything as it happens. The pitch is that the program gives you a searchable photographic memory.

The tiny camera with built-in GPS has no controls. It automatically takes two geo-tagged photos a minute and stores them in the Narrative Cloud. The storage will cost you $9 a month after a one-year free trial that comes with the purchase of the camera. Users can then create what are called Lifeblogs.

Narrative says this service could potentially be very valuable for dementia patients, allowing them to access memories.  Although for now, it seems to raise some privacy concerns about the people you come in contact with in your life.

You can learn more about it here.

Ads Coming To Instagram

Instagram users can now expect to see ads in their photo feeds sometime in the next couple of months. The company says it’s necessary to build the popular social media service into a sustainable business.

They promise to deliver “a small number of beautiful, high-quality photos and videos from a handful of brands.”

As with a Facebook feed, you can hide any advertisements you don’t like from view.

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