The Mysterious Life of Caves

I swear this is the last of my cave obsession, but it was just too good not to share with you! Welcome the companion site to the NOVA program Mysterious Life of Caves! See a clip here.

When you land on the main page of this site there will be four awesome sections to check out. They are The Lives of Extremophiles, Journey into Lechuguilla, Jewel of the Underground, and How Caves Form. 

The first two sections I listed are interview and personal essay sections where you’ll learn about the experiences of those who study the mysterious life of caves. 

The second two sections I listed are slideshows or interactive where you’ll see caves and learn about their formation.  These pictures and interactive sections were my favorite part of the site.  So much to see and do!

I can’t wait to see if I can catch this program on PBS. If you want to know when it might air, you might consider signing up for their e-mail list that announces what’s coming up on NOVA. 

This site is filled with seriously cool information. Check it out today!


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