Ever leave for a photo trip feeling like you’ve forgotten something? I’ve got some tips that will make that problem a thing of the past.

Of course, you’ll need to pack your photography gear. But what about all the non-photography items that you’ll need to take along with you? Instead of a photo tip this week, I’d like to share one of the tools I use to prepare for my photo trips.

About five years ago, I put together a master list that I use every time I take a trip. And let me tell you, it’s made traveling a lot easier.

I know a list isn’t some revolutionary new concept, but a lot of people don’t use them or put off making them to the last second and leave important things off. I keep my master list on my computer and I use it for every single trip. It’s been evolving for the past five years as my needs have changed and I’ve added items as I’ve learned from experience.

I’ve shared this list with several friends and they say it’s really reduced their stress level when packing for trips.  By using this list, I was able to pack for a two-week trip to Yellowstone Park in just two hours.  It’s a long list and covers about any situation you might encounter. I’ve used this list for traveling to the Arctic in November and to Florida in July. It works for every situation.

So how does it all work? 

Check out the video where I explain how it’s done at this link.

You can download the complete list by clicking here.

~ Steve