Bro Tips

BroTips is a site with over 3,000 tips submitted by users. These tips can give general life advice or be a quotation that works as advice. And this site is definitely not for kids, since it’s user curated. 

When you arrive at the site, you’ll see the latest bro tips featured, as well as plenty of navigation options. You can browse by recent (the default), popular, or random. You can even type in a word in the search engine and see if there are any bro tips for that keyword, or you can select a tag from the drop down menu. 

To navigate the bro tips on your screen you can use the arrows and page numbers beneath the bro tips or you can use the right and left arrows on your keyboard. 

If you’d like to submit a tip, cast your gaze beneath the bro tips and click the Submit a Tip button, that will whisk you to the form you need to fill out to do so. 

What sort of bro tips will you find? Well you’ll have to go check it out to see!


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