Tom Eckert Art

A reader shared this site with me and after seeing Tom Eckert’s sculpture, I knew I had to share it with you guys! 

On the main page you’ll learn all about the materials used and Eckert’s art process. At the top of the main page you’ll find navigation options: Tom Eckert, Galleries, Biography, and Contact.  

Tom Eckert takes you to the main page. 

Galleries – here you’ll find the galleries filled with Eckert’s sculpture. There are four galleries in total: Recent Work, Image Gallery 1, Image Gallery 2, and Image Gallery 3. Each displays how many images of art in the gallery beneath its title. My favorite pieces are where Eckert has manipulated wood and then painted it to make it look like cloth. It’s just amazing!

Biography – here you can learn all about the artist. 

While normally you might ignore a Contact page, I suggest you don’t on this site there are four really cool images on that page worth seeing. As well as link to this video and other places around the web where Eckert’s work is or he talks about his process. Seriously go watch the video.

What an amazing wood sculptor, you have to his work for yourself – so go check it out!


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