I’ve had an Office 365 subscription since March and I was pretty happy when Microsoft finally made Office 365 for Android available. With the subscription, you can activate Office on up to 5 devices.

Office 365 for Android will allow you to read, edit office documents on your phone and even create new ones. I have to say, those documents look pretty good on my phone screen. They loaded quickly and were responsive. Since I have many documents saved in my Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage account, I’m able to access them from anywhere.  Let me show you how I’m taking advantage of Office and SkyDrive to make it easier to plan and shop for meals.

I’m using Microsoft OneNote to create shopping lists and meal plans. 

This note shows what we’re having to eat at my house for the next few days. I like to plan out meals like this because it helps me to make shopping lists and also reminds me if I need to take something out of the freezer or perhaps marinate a chicken breast.

Since my husband and I both have OneNote on our phones and the list is stored in our shared SkyDrive account, we can both access the list to either add items we might need or to check off items that one of us has already picked up. Since our grocery shopping as a couple started back in the days before cell phones, this seems like a pretty exciting development to me.

Also stored up the in the SkyDrive is my Excel pantry list spreadsheet. I pride myself on having a well-stocked pantry and I even go so far as to keep a spread sheet of my freezer and pantry contents.  Since it’s in my SkyDrive, I can access it from my computer, tablet or phone. If I see a great deal on something when I’m out shopping, I can quickly check to see if I need any. Same deal if I get the idea that I want to make tacos during the day. I can quickly check to see if I have the ingredients on hand. It’s also very useful to consult while I’m making my shopping list.

Also on the SkyDrive is my recipe file. I’m a fanatic about having a digital copy of all my favorite recipes. I copy and paste from websites and I also just type them out from cookbooks, magazines and recipe cards. Sometimes I print them off to use in the kitchen and sometimes I read the recipe from my tablet or phone. I can also pull them up when I’m wondering what I need to buy to make a certain dish. No more getting home and realizing I forgot tomato sauce.

I’m particularly excited to use Office to help with Thanksgiving this year. I put on a big feast and I try to stay organized with a checklist for the big day. This year I’ll be able to check it from my phone and my husband and I will be able to update it real time, checking off the tasks that have been completed.

I’ll be able to pull up my favorite Thanksgiving recipes with a touch.

Though I might pull out my old reliable 3-ring binder stuffed with recipes and stained with gravy for old-times’ sake.

~ Cynthia