Here is an Android app that is easy on the eyes. Much like our computer monitors, our mobile screens are also designed to look like the sun. So you can read without a problem during daylight. However, when the light goes down, the screen remains the same, it irritates your retina, thanks to its blinding light.

But not if you use the Twilight app for Android. It works like magic. Not only does it reduce the brightness of the screen, but also gives it a reddish tint as the day progresses. It’s a fantastic app that helps you battle your insomnia, even while working at 3am. And the best part? It’s free. Just go to Google Play and download Twilight. Go to the settings and set your time of day and you are set. As the day progresses, the app removes the blues and injects red, to make it warm at sundown.

Desktop/Laptop software

Wondering if there’s a similar app for desktops and laptops too? Yes, there is, although it’s in beta. I have tested it and it does work. Your eyes don’t burn. Just get f.lux and you are all set. The download happens in a jiffy. All you have to do is click on ‘run’. It installs in seconds and your screen acquires a red tint if it’s sunset already. Wondering how it knew? It acquires the date and time from your computer settings. And the best part? This app has versions for Linux, iPhone and iPads, too. Just go to its website and download the relevant version.

~ Zahid H Javali