In The News: 10-18-2013

Twitter Will Now Change Your TV Channel

Twitter has announced a partnership with Comcast that will allow Xfinity TV customers to change the channel, set a DVR or play a show On Demand by sending a Tweet.  The service is called See It and Twitter says it is designed to integrate with video distribution partners, TV networks and websites.

The goal of the service is to make Twitter your new TV remote, which could finally be a way to monetize the popular social media service. While Twitter has 200 million monthly active users, the company has yet to turn a profit.

Microsoft Awards $100,000 For Discovery Of Exploit

Microsoft has put its money where its mouth is by awarding a $1000,000 to James Forshaw of Context Information Security for finding an exploit in Windows 8.1.

The company had offered up a bounty to anyone who could discover security flaws in the operating system and they paid up when Forshaw found a defense circumvention technique. We may never know exactly what the flaw is, as Microsoft isn’t going to want to discuss it until they fix the issue.

Straighten Up & Stop iSlouching

Researchers are warning that slumping over smartphones and games can damage your spine. Dr. Matt Herba says that children are reporting neck problems from what he calls iSlouching and this damage could be permanent.

He says the slouching can add up to 10 pounds of pressure to your spine. The solution? Less time on the phone and remembering to keep good posture, even when you’re engrossed in a game or a conversation.

~ Cynthia


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