Camera & Photo Improvements Added To Windows 8.1

Microsoft has made some improvements to Camera and Photo Apps that they promise will make capturing and sharing images and videos much easier, but they’ve also taken away one of my favorite features of the Photo App.  The camera app can now be quickly accessed from the lock screen, which is a bonus.

 You won’t have to choose between taking video or a photo. A new feature will allow you to record a video and tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo without stopping the recording.

If you’re using a Windows tablet like the Surface, the controls will appear on the side of the screen, where you can do all of the editing with thumb controls. Microsoft promises the features will work fine with a mouse and keyboard combo as well.

Another added feature is a photo loop, which will allow you to capture a series of pictures in rapid succession and choose the best shot. There’s also a new Panorama feature that lets you go up and down or side to side to stitch together an image.

Your pictures will also automatically be synced to your SkyDrive account.

While these features sound good, one thing sadly missing from Windows 8.1 is Windows ability to let you sync your Facebook and Flickr  Photos with the app and view them on your device seamlessly with your other photos.


The camera and photo update are included in the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 for Windows 8 users.

~ Cynthia

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