How Do I Find Contacts In Yahoo! Mail?

J.D. from Azle, Texas writes:

Yahoo has changed to a new format, how do I retrieve my addresses to send emails?
Let’s check it out, J.D.  First let’s head on over to that new-look Yahoo! Mail inbox.
At the top left of the inbox, choose Compose.
A blank message will open.
In the upper left of the new message, click To.
This window will open.
You can choose contacts from the list.
Or search for contacts in the search field.
Check the name of the contact or contacts  you wish to send the e-mail to.
Then select Done.
You’re message will now be addressed to your chose recipient.
I’ll be checking out some other features of the new look Yahoo! e-mail soon.
~ Cynthia

41 thoughts on “How Do I Find Contacts In Yahoo! Mail?

  1. I had no problem finding my contacts, but found no way to change double spacing between lines in a reply to an email that was NOT double spaced. Also find this new format very easy to LOSE an email in progress & no amount of normal clicking anywhere brings it back…finally it does mysteriously return. The SEND button is difficult to access also. Am glad I don’t have to write many emails from this new format. Hopefully it will be made more user friendly in VERY NEAR future.
    Thank you & rest of your staff for all your helpful tips…Don’t know what we’d do without you!

  2. Unfortunately, there is no way to search for a contact any more in Yahoo mail. You have to scroll down the list to find the one you want. This is a big drawback in my opinion, and I have let Yahoo know about it (so have many others). I hope they will restore Search Contacts in an upgrade soon.

  3. Another way that is quicker is to click in the “to” field, rather than clicking on the word “to” itself, and start typing the first letter or two of the email address you want to send to, and all the addresses in your contacts that start with those letters will pop up below the “To” field. You can just click the one you want and continue with composing the email.

  4. I was using my Yahoo contacts list to save more information about my contacts than just the email address. How do I find the addresses and telephone numbers I stored there in the fields provided by Yahoo Mail?

    1. Same here! I keep much more info stored there – more than just email addresses.. Have u had any luck yet..? I have detailed mailing info in Contacts that I need while on-the-go!

  5. I need to see my list of contacts and can no longer even find it. I also liked the option to send to “All”. It is no longer there! It’s toooo much work to try to remember all the addresses and spend hours typing them in separately……. Please restore the “All” function. And let me find and see my contacts!

    1. Larry: What browser are you using. I see All contacts at the top left of the screen once I click on the Contacts icon.

  6. when I go to ‘TO’ my contact list has disappeared and it is saying no contacts. How to I get my contact list back when I click on’TO’ – HELP

  7. Just HATE the new format. Used to be sooo easy to find address book and update it. The team that is supposed to improve the format has MADE IT A LOT worse and made me switch to gmail.

    Yahoo – You need a lot smarter group to improve your format.


  8. I have just loaded windows 10 and cannot find any of my contacts to FORWARD e-mails to. I have to go onto another laptop and find contacts there to forward information to. As windows 10 is on my main laptop I need to be able to fully use the system. I hope you can help as I want to continue using ymail.

  9. I had a lot of contacts with telephone numbers addresses, website addresses etc, I can’t find them !! how can I access them, I had a lot of important info that I need to find 🙁

  10. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?!? I CAN NOT ACCESS MY CONTACTS LIST TO FORWARD AN EMAIL. THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS!! Someone please FWD these notes to YAHOO. I am being wayyyyyyy too inconvenienced with this issue right now AND spending wayyyyyyyy too much time on this.

    1. Ally:

      Have you contacted Yahoo! support with your account issue? Also, have you attempted to use your Yahoo! account in a different browser?

  11. Miss Cynthia, I use Google Chrome on Win 7 Pro. I have been trying to access my Yahoo Contacts and am so FRUSTRATED like so many others using Yahoo. PLEASE REVERT TO THE PREVIOUS FORMAT. I am 83 and I need the contacts to tell them I am going to Heaven. PLEASE. . THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU TO REVERT TO THE PREVIOUS FORMAT.

    1. I certainly can’t revert to the previous format and I’d suggest letting Yahoo know how you feel. Sometimes they will make changes in response to customer complaints. What happens when you click on the contacts icon?

  12. I once liked Yahoo mail but no longer convinced by its changed / new look and i am struggling with it. Some user education via youtube yahoo tutorials would have been or would be appreciated.

  13. I too am searching for my CONTACTS list. I can find it to send, but not to edit. I just got spammed sent out under my email this morning, and so I sent a warning email to all 59 contacts (in two batches), and about a 3rd of them are undeliverable.

    I would simply like to clean up my CONTACTS list, but apparently Yahoo does not allow that anymore. What a crummy product, but I have used it for a decade and don’t want to learn a new system, so I guess they have me – for now…

    As if they care!

  14. When I click on To or CC or BCC I get nothing. My contacts come up when I click on To and type in the first letter. I then get a list of my contacts that start with that letter. But l want to see all of them and how I can update, change, etc. This is a simple request. It works great on my other computer but not with this new one and Windows 10.

  15. Having similar issues with Contacts list
    I have to compose message to retrieve list of contacts….but only can send to contacts in boldface, can’t call up others (about 66 percent of them)
    Forces me to find their email addresses somewhere else and enter address manually
    What a pain
    I contacted yahoo customer service but have heard nothing back
    This will force me to leave yahoo mail if it isnt corrected

  16. All my business email contacts are gone.
    All my business email lists are empty.

    That’s only about a dozen years worth of contacts obliterated.

    Awesome job, Yahoo! Awesome. Freakin’. Job.

  17. Yahoo e-mail sucks. Why can’t I access my address book to edit names and store other info? Why can’t I print my address book? You took something that worked perfectly well for years and then you trashed it. You guys could phuck up a train wreck! Ever since Marissa Mayer was brought in, Yahoo sucks.

    1. Kim: I’m curious. What happens when you click on your address book icon? I can access mine and edit the list.

  18. I have been searching for my address book for half an hour now, using searches etc as well. It is very annoying not to be able to easily find this important feature.

      1. This is a real problem. Not so bad as Glenda’s and some others, but I can’t find “Contacts” or any way to list my contacts, other than running through “Compose”. I can’t change anything about a contact, except by deleting and re-adding. Googling >where is contacts yahoo mail?< gets me to this WorldStart page, but can't find any other info. HELP!

      2. What do you see to the far left of your inbox. Just underneath the Yahoo! Mail logo you should see an envelope and right next to it a little icon that looks like an address book. Those are your contacts.

      3. Yes! In IE 11, those icons don’t show up, but if you mouse over that area, Mail Contacts Calendar Notepad Messenger and News Feed are there and you can click the place where the icon would be. Thanks!

      4. Pete: I can see them just fine in IE 11. I wonder if the issue has to do with your monitor or the display settings on your PC. They are very pale purple over white and only turn a darker color when you mouse over them.

  19. I agree with the other people. Cannot find existing contacts, edit, or add new contacts. Sounds like the government motto: If it ain’t broke, fix it.


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