Which Is Easier Windows 7 or 8?

Tango writes:

I’m going to get a computer soon because I have Wndows XP. Can you tell me if Windows 7 is easier than 8? Can I get a computer with a mouse and a keyboard instead of a touchscreen?

Let’s just say that you will probably find Windows 7 more familiar than Windows 8. Though with recent changes to to Windows 8 in the form of Windows 8.1, it’s a bit easier to make the interface more like the Windows you’re used to from using XP.¬† I find Windows 8 to be a fast and stable program.

If you’re willing to take the time to get acquainted with a new system, Windows 8 could work out nicely for you. Another advantage is that support for Windows 8 will last at least three years longer than support for Windows 7. Right now extended support for Windows 7 is scheduled to end in 2020.

Also, depending on your computer, you might not need  to buy a new one. You can use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor or the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant to determine if your old computer can handle these operating systems.

You can use a keyboard and mouse with either system.

~ Cynthia


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  1. Both Win7 and 8 can be used with mouse and keyboard. I’ve been “experimenting” with Win 8 for a year now.

    Which is “easier”? That depends entirely on your experience. Coming from XP, Win 7 is going to be “easier”. But if you also have spent a lot of time using a smartphone, then you may find Win 8 easy to use.

    It is true that the Win 8 “Metro” interface is touch oriented. Learning it with a mouse and keyboard can be disorienting. But there are plenty of “how to” tips out there now to get you up to speed with how to use Win 8 with a Keyboard. And, with the introduction of Win 8.1 there have been several features added to make it easier to use with a keyboard. As I said, I’ve been playing with Win 8 for a year now, on a 7 year old laptop. I spend MOST of my time in the “desktop”. I may go into “Metro” once a day, sometimes not at all. With a few simple tweaks, and a couple addons you can almost completely banish Metro.

    You have to decide if you could extend your computer use with a touch enabled tablet. There are tablet devices that allow you to remove or hide the keyboard, to use them as touch only with a WIFI connection to your internet service. Could you use a tablet to create shopping lists? Could you use it as an online TV guide? Could you use it to control your lights?

    Even if you decide to buy a “full” tablet, for the “full touch experience”, with no keyboard it is easy enough to prop it up and plug in a keyboard and mouse.

    One thing to consider is that if you spend the extra money for Win 8 Pro, you will have “downgrade” rights to Win 7 “for free”. So you could get a Win 8/8.1 device and if you don’t like it, install Win 7 at no extra charge … Much better than going the other way around. And in a couple of years, when you gain exposure to Win 8 from other places you could return to Win 8 on your machine.

    One “advantage” of getting a Win7 machine is that you may be able to find “old stock” that a store is selling at a discount just to get rid of it. Do not pay extra to have Win 7 installed on a computer that normally comes with Win 8.

  2. NO WINDOWS 8 AND 8.1 IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. No matter what kind of a computer you have. I would advise everyone to skip any form of the 8. I can’t wait till my Windows 7 OS disc arrives. I have had 8 since May 2013 and the more I use the less I like. I waited till after 8.1 came out thinking there might be an improvement. What a disappointment. And it is not more stable nor is it faster. I have double memory etc on this computer compared to my Win XP and this one is a LOT slower. Takes forever to boot up. Then I can not find a way to delete the password needed to sign in since Win 8.1 update. Which makes it slower yet!!

  3. I was already to switch to Windows 8, but after reading that horror story I think I will go to windows 7 and hope for the best.

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