Facebook has made a small change that will make a lot of users pretty happy. You can now edit your Facebook status anytime after you post it. Previously you had a few minutes in which to make a change, but now you can take care of misspellings and mistakes anytime you notice them. Whether you’ve made an error or been victimized by autocorrect, it’s a pretty simple process.

Say you’ve typed a garbled status like this:

I did this one for a test to grab screenshots for this article and my Facebook friends noticed it immediately. What you need to do to edit the status is select the drop-down arrow to off to the right of your status and choose edit.

Then your status will open back up and you can retype it.

By the time I’d corrected my status, I’d drawn a lot of attention.

I find this especially useful for when autocorrect runs amok and says nonsensical and terrifying things.

Now, you’ve always been able to edit the captions in photos, but here’s a quick refresher just in case you’ve made a typo or mis-tagged someone. Find your photo and double-click or tap on it.

Here I have the option to click Edit or to add a location or a tag.

Clicking on edit gives me the option to edit the caption, tags date and location.

And the best part is that it’s retroactive, you can go back and fix your statuses from a few years ago if you choose.

~ Cynthia