The Labyrinth

This resource was too amazing not to share! I’m taking Chaucer this semester and did my undergrad capstone on a medieval text from the Lais of Marie de France, so for me navigating this site is like being a kid in a candy store. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll be greeted with a large selections of categories you can browse (I headed right for the French, Old  category to see if there were any Marie de France resources and there were!) and a really robust search engine.

The search engine allows you to select a category, subcategory, and the type of materials you’re looking for from the list, then click Search to get your results. Or you can just use the keyword search and click the search button to find any results for term you’ve entered. 

This is an amazing repository of information from and relating to Medieval Studies sponsored by Georgetown University. I particularly appreciate that the results are scholarly.


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