I Want My Yahoo! Mail Tabs Back!

Mary from Yorktown, VA writes:

As long as you are addressing Yahoo issues, can you tell me how to:
1) get rid of their new themes, I have been slammed into one and hate it.
2) how do I get my tabs back, I often need to be able to see multiple emails at once.

Let’s start with the bad news first. You can’t get your tabs back. They are gone as part of the redesign of Mail and a lot of users are livid about it.  There is a post in the Yahoo! Mail users forum entitled “Please Bring Back Tabs” and it has nearly 80,000 votes.

Yahoo responded to the demands by posting this:

“Thank you for the feedback on the tab feature in Yahoo Mail. We deeply value how much our users care about Yahoo and are constantly engaging with our products.

Our goal with the new Mail is to solve for multi-tasking without the need for permanent tabs. We group messages together so you have fewer reasons to switch between messages. We added quick reply at the bottom of messages, so you don’t have to open a separate compose window when you want to reply to a message. We added recent searches, so you can bounce back & forth between search and other tasks. And after you click on a message in search, we added the ability to jump back to your search results.

That said, we’re listening closely to your feedback and will continue to improve the ability to multi-task.”

Among other complaints, users miss having the formatting toolbar at the top and the want the usual e-mail features like forward and reply to be more convenient to access. Users also hate having to click out of the inbox to view folders and they really want that save draft button back.

As for the themes, I can’t get rid of them, but I can give you instructions on how to change the theme to one you find tolerable. Click here for that article.

 ~ Cynthia

One thought on “I Want My Yahoo! Mail Tabs Back!

  1. I researched this because I, too, hated the new themes. I found that if you click on “mail options” then under the “Advanced Accounts” heading, there’s the opportunity to “Switch now” that offers you the opportunity to switch back to a “basic” view of Yahoo mail instead of the ‘recommended'(!) fully featured version. I’m now using this and much prefer it so thought you might like to pass this on for others to benefit from.

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