Distinguished Women of Past and Present

I found this site through the Library of Congress which has selected it to be archived in order to preserve its content for future generations.  The site is dedicated to sharing biographies of women who have contributed to our culture and currently features almost 2000 women. 

When you arrive at the main page, you’ll find the left side dedicated to a navigation menu, the center of the page gives you a summary of what the page is about, and the right side highlights recent updates to the page. 

The navigation menu offers the options to Browse by Subject, Search by Name, Black History Month, Books About Women, Movies About or Starring Women, Music by Women, and Why I Created This Site. 

I checked out the Recent Updates first since they are the newest content added to the site and then I decided to Browse by Subject. I really love learning about women who have made contributions to Science, Exploration, and my own subject area of Literature.

But I was really surprised, and I shouldn’t have been, at how  many different subject areas were listed. I think you’ll be happily surprised at the wealth of information at this site. 



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