How Do I Delete Facebook Messages From My iPad?

Shirley from Maine writes:

How do I delete private messages on my Facebook page from my iPad?

Shirley, the process isn’t too difficult. You simply open up your Facebook app on your mobile device and go to your messages.

Press down on the conversation you would like to remove and you will see the option to Archive, Delete or Mark as Spam.


Before you choose Delete, make sure you want to get rid of the entire conversation. You can’t just delete one exchange. If there are multiple messages, the entire conversation will be gone for good.


A better option might be to choose Archive. That moves the conversations out of sight and cleans up what you see when you open your messages without losing those conversations permanently.


We tested this method out on an Apple and an Android device. Now to get this to work with the Android device, I did have to use the Facebook Messenger App, which is a separate App. But when I removed a test conversation this way, it was permanently gone from my list of conversations no matter where I attempted to access it.

I would suggest archiving over deleting, unless it’s just spam. Your Facebook messages aren’t actually on your device, so they aren’t taking up any space.

~ Cynthia

5 thoughts on “How Do I Delete Facebook Messages From My iPad?

  1. I don’t want fb messenger.its not needed.i can use the old one on fb.if I can’t get rid of fb messenger then I will discontinue fb.

  2. I have a mini ipad and that doesn’t work at all.

    When pressing down on a message one gets 2 types of open, copy and add to reading list.

  3. not helpful. Icons not the same on my iPad and swiping does nothing . Can delete on messenger but not on FB

  4. Doesn’t work on my iPad mini. I can only delete one message at a time. I don’t get the same options when I press down

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