Ten Secrets To Using Google Search: Part 2

Hi everyone, in part 1 of Ten Secrets to Using Google Search, I gave you five great tips for speeding your Google searches. But I’ve still got give more to share with you. You can check out part 1 by clicking here. Now let’s pick up where we left off.

6 – Use the auto-complete suggestion tool

This drops down once you start typing what you want, and many people find that it helps them use Google quicker.

7 – If in trouble, try the Google image search

If you are truly having trouble finding what you want, then use Google images. Run your search, pick out images that look like they match what you want, and then click on the “visit website” button next to the ones you selected. If you are searching for products, then this method is often better than using the Google Shopping function.

8 -Think more in terms of questions rather than keywords

This is one of the more troubling points about keywords that few people fully grasp. You have to look at things from the perspective of the web master. For example, an eCommerce web master is going to be “selling” this and that, and is going to have things for “sale”. So, it is plausible that they may use such words as the keywords for their website; however, a consumer may search for things to “buy” and use words such as “cheap.”

Instead of using strings of keywords when searching, use questions as they are more likely to hold all the relevant keywords. For example, “Where can I buy the cheapest XX on sale?”

9 – Set the publication date for more up to date results

Sometimes you are going to have trouble finding what is relevant and what is not. When searching for news, you are going to come across results that are incompatible with what you are looking for.

For example, you may want to know about the latest iPhone. If you ask the question, then you may get results about the iPhone 5, the 5S, the 5C, and you will not know which is the most recent. However, you can use the publication function in the advanced search settings, and it will show you results from certain dates, and may even show you how long ago they were published.

10 – Use quotation marks

These will help you to ensure that a certain word appears in your results. First, ask your question, and then any words that must appear in the results you put in after the question. Put a comma between your question and the words you want to feature, and all of your results will have that keyword in the text or the title. Here is an example:

Where to find the freshest eggs in Boston, “Boston”

These tips should make finding what you’re looking for online just a little bit simpler.

~ Kelly Ray

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