View Your Facebook Profile as Another User to Check Privacy Settings

Facebook gives you control over which users can see your posts, activity and photos. You can change your privacy settings for all posts and activity or on a post by post basis. If you ever wonder if you have the settings correct, you can double-check by viewing your Facebook profile as another user. 

You simply choose a Facebook username to view your profile as and you’ll instantly see what posts, photos and activity that person sees when they visit your profile. This is ideal for quickly checking security settings, especially if you’re new to blocking users from seeing all or specific posts. 

Start by logging in to your Facebook account.




Click your name at the top right corner of the Facebook home screen to open your profile.





Click the gear icon beside Activity Log. The icon is at the bottom right corner of your cover photo. Choose View As.







The default option is to view your profile as Public, which is how your profile looks to people you haven’t added as a friend. Press Okay to remove the notification box and scan your profile to ensure your public privacy settings are correct. If posts that are supposed to be private are still shown, you will need to reset your privacy settings.







Click View as Specific Person to select a different user to view your profile as.







Type a friend’s name and select the name when it appears. Your profile will refresh and you’ll see exactly what that friend sees when they visit your profile. If you want to view your profile as a different friend, repeat the process with a different friend’s name.



 If you discover your privacy settings aren’t what you thought they were set at, follow these steps or these steps to correctly set and manage Facebook privacy.

When you’re finished viewing your profile as someone else, click the X beside This is what your timeline looks like to: text to exit and view your profile as yourself.




 ~ Crystal

3 thoughts on “View Your Facebook Profile as Another User to Check Privacy Settings

  1. When I clicked the drop-down arrow in the Google tool bar there use to come up a list of typed URL address HISTORY. Some how I have LOST this function. Could you please help me get it back? Sincerely, Ed Arnold Canton,Ohio

  2. Why not just log in, go to your page, copy the url, log out and paste the Url to your address bar and go back? You will appear as a non logged in user and see what everyone sees who is not your friend.

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