Which Version Of IE Am I Running?

Catherine from Kingman, AZ writes:

I have windows 7 O.S. How can I find out what version of I.E. I have. Thank you.

Select the gear at the top of the browser and choose About from the drop-down menu. In some versions of IE, you would select Help and choose About from the drop-down menu.

A window should pop up showing you which version you’re running.


If you are running Windows XP, the latest version you can run is IE8. Vista can only run up to IE 9, while Windows 7 and 8 will run up to Internet Explorer 10. Windows 8.1 allows you to run IE 11.To make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer that’s available for you system, you can turn on automatic upgrades for your system, you can turn on Automatic updates in Windows. The quickest way to accomplish that is to select About in the way we demonstrated above and then make sure to check off Install new versions automatically.

A quick note, if you’re having display issues with your web-based e-mail, it can often be related to having an older version of a web browser. If you’re using IE 8, there can be some big problems with Outlook.com and other e-mails providers. Some of you might say that you have Windows XP and that it will only allow you to use up to Internet Explorer 8. This is a great time to remind you once again that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP in April of 2014. No security support means XP systems will be a prime target for hackers.┬áIt’s time to get ready to upgrade.

~ Cynthia

4 thoughts on “Which Version Of IE Am I Running?

  1. My pc upgraded to explorer 11 I am running windows 7 and have had nothing but problems with the upgrade, how can I down grade to explorer 10? I did a systems restore with no luck.

  2. I just used your instructions to check which version of I.E. I am running on my laptop. It indicates that I have I.E. 11. I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop so How could this happen? I did not knowingly install I.E. 11.


    1. Robert,

      This article is a little bit older. As time goes by, the new versions are released for the other operating systems. It likely was included in one of your Windows automatic updates.

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