International Mosaiculture Exhibition Montreal

Summer may be gone and Fall well on its way but we can still take a look at the beauty Summer had to offer this year through the images from the International Mosaiculture Exhibition in Montreal. 

Navigation is easy, it’s blog style, so just scroll down! You’ll find a brief explanation of what you’re about to see and then on come the pictures. 

These images of the mosaicultures are amazing! They will blow you away when you see what people managed to create out of plants. You start off with a stellar barn owl and then bird tree, then you keep scrolling and they just keep getting more and more amazing! 

I loved the sheep and goats that were created to surround the Man Who Planted Trees mosaic-sculpture. All the animal sculptures were really cool! I also loved the dog, lemurs, and pandas. 

What are you waiting for? You’ve got to go check these out for yourself!


One thought on “International Mosaiculture Exhibition Montreal

  1. This was so beautiful. I loved the story about the man in Japan and his dog going to the train station twice a day until he died. What a lovely site.
    Thank you very much. I was moved so much by that story. I do appreciate and welcome every day what you have found. I get caught up in things and forget to comment. Thanks again Shirl

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