Roku Adds Disney Programming

If you’re thinking about unplugging from cable or satellite, Roku’s streaming box is a popular option.

They’re now adding more services from Disney including Watch Disney, Watch Disney, Jr and ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU plus seven other ESPN affilated channels.

Adobe Security Breach Locks Facebook Users Out Of Accounts

An Adobe Security Breach caused Facebook to ask some users to reset their passwords. Facebookers who used the same log-in credentials for their online Adobe accounts and Facebook were forced to verify their identity and reset their password.

Hackers got into Adobe’s network last month and took information on nearly 3 million Adobe customers.

Google Extending Chrome Support For Windows XP

While Microsoft is ending its support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, Google will continue to support Chrome for XP system until April of 2015. The company will offer updates and security patches for Chrome.

According to a press release from Google, “We recognize that hundreds of millions of users, including a good chunk of current Chrome users, still rely on XP. Moreover, many organizations still run dozens or even hundreds of applications on XP and may have trouble migrating. Our goal is to support Chrome for XP users during this transition process.”

~ Cynthia