Snow Day Calculator

We had our first snow of the season on Monday. I was so glad I decided to grab my winter jacket with its pockets full of my winter accessories (gloves, scarf, hat) because when I left my office to drive over to the library for class I was attacked by snow! I figured, it’s Michigan, it won’t be snowing at home in Toledo. Boy was I wrong. After a long drive, I got home to find my yard completely snow covered. 

So it’s official the snow is here! Which means for kids around the area, it’s time to start hoping for snow days.

Today’s site is a Snow Day Calculator that will let you put in your zip code (US only) and select the type of school being attended and then it calculates the chance of a snow day! 

It uses the most recent weather information from, and figures out the chance of snow in your area and then calculate the chance of school cancellation based on that information for the next two days.

I think this could be a fun evening ritual with kids who are craving snow days!


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