Facebook Login is now available for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows phones. It allows users to user their Facebook identity to comment on web posts, play games, log in to apps and share playlists.Some developers take advantage of that Facebook information to customize games and apps to the user’s preference also to attempt to sell you things.

The idea is that if you make logging in a simpler process, consumers will be more likely to try new apps that they would if they had to set up a new account.

It’s part of Microsoft’s push to beef up the offerings in their Windows App Stores which has often been criticized for having significantly fewer apps than the Apple or Android App Store.

With Facebook Login customers can:

· Login to an app with a single click or tap, re-using the Facebook credentials stored on the device.

· Share high scores and other app events to Facebook.

· Engage in social interactions like playing games against friends or finding new opponents.

· Easily access and share photos within the context of an app.

Microsoft says a number of developers are already making changes to accommodate the change.

” – Foursquare will use the Facebook Login API on Windows devices to “make it even easier for people to use Foursquare to find new places, keep up with friends and share experiences,” said Akshay Patil, Head of Platform at Foursquare.

· Adobe will be implementing the Facebook Login API capabilities for Adobe Revel and Adobe Photoshop Express on Windows 8 “to help people get the most out of their photos and easily share their memories with friends and family,” said Lea Hickman, Vice President, Consumer Products for Adobe.

· For iHeartRadio, the addition of the Facebook Login API for Windows devices “will enable quick and seamless access to iHeartRadio, allowing listeners to share their favorite stations to Facebook, leave comments and enjoy more in-depth interactions,” said Brian Lakamp, President of Digital for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.”

Of course by agreeing to Facebook Login, you are giving developers access to your information and information about your Facebook friends. So it’s a good idea to actually read the terms of service so you fully understand exactly what you’re agreeing to.

~ Cynthia