Control Panel Tree Pt. 2 – Network And Internet

Eugene from Chino California asked us: “Is there a simplified tree, maybe in several pages, to show what is in Windows 7 in such things as the control panel or any of the solution devices which are used for maintaining a PC?

We thought that was a great idea and decided to do a special series. Last week we looked at System and Security.   In this article we’ll look at  Network and Internet.

Next week, we’ll look at hardware and sound.

~ Randal Schaffer

One thought on “Control Panel Tree Pt. 2 – Network And Internet

  1. Back in the DOS days, and then Windows 3.1 and WFWG 11, this was common practice, having ‘command trees’. Since they were so confusing, most of use had them on a 3″ x 12″ plastic sheet sitting on top of the monitor.

    Too bad command trees fell out of favor. They are very helpful.

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