Is An eReader Right For You?

It wasn’t so long ago that e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s original Nook were all the rage. Then tablets came along, starting with the first iPad in 2010, and most people forgot about e-readers as they embraced the new products.  But is it possible that an e-reader might be a better choice for you than a tablet?

Consider the following advantages they offer:

● Upgraded technology – the latest versions of the Kindle and the Nook have lighted displays and touch screens. The newest Kindle even links directly to Wikipedia’s more than 4,000,000 articles on virtually every topic. That’s a good feature to have, in case you’re reading about three-armed orangutans and want to know more about them.

● Ease of use – a lot of people don’t enjoy reading on tablets, due to their bright screens and tendency to “wash out” in sunlight. E-readers, on the other hand, use a technology called E-ink. This makes them easy to use everywhere without causing eyestrain.

● Attractive pricing – with some models costing well under $100.00, e-readers are a steal compared to most tablets, some of which fetch prices in excess of $1,000.00. Of course, e-readers can’t match tablets when it comes to watching videos, surfing the web, or playing games.

But, if you’re primarily interested in reading and don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, then an e-reader might be perfect for your needs.

~ Bill

5 thoughts on “Is An eReader Right For You?

  1. I use a cheap 9″ tablet to read books.
    Simple, page is bigger, easy to download pdf, epub most popular.
    So much easier and more restful on the eyes.
    I have the original kindle, makes a super paperweight.

  2. Yes, an e-reader is right for me. I have an old Kindle, keyboard, which I like. Reading on an e-ink device is much easier than reading on a computer screen. It’s very much like reading a real book, centuries of tried and true technology.

    I don’t have a smartphone, or a tablet, or a newer Kindle, because I don’t want any of them. And for sure I neither have nor want any device with a touchscreen. I would never be able to learn tapping and swiping or whatever. I have watched people, and tried it, and the whole business is a complete mystery to me. Plus, I usually have long fingernails and find the manual contortions necessary for touching the screen to be awkward and painful. So if I could learn the gestures, I would still be s o l without a stylus.

  3. I have the e-reader– a Kindle Fire–Smart phone and my laptop.
    The e-reader is still the best for reading a book!! I love it and if
    it went kaput would buy another. With a little luck and a good sale will
    purchase them for my grand daughters for Christmas. They are heavy readers and books get expensive. I can buy each of them a reader and a $25 Amazon gift card for what 6 books cost and would be able to eliminate several boxes in my storage room.!!!

  4. I have the Nook, Kindle White E reader, smart phone and laptop out of all I like my Kindle White E reader for my books, (of course I like my books too) It is so easy to put in my purse and go, I have do distractions like “oh maybe I better check my emails etc”. I like the Kindle White E reader because it is so easy on the eyes.

  5. I really like the Kindle White E reader. It is so easy on the eyes and can put it in my purse and go. I do have a table, Nook tablet but for reading only this tops them all. Of course I still like my books.

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