Windows 8 – Who Needs A Start Button?

Missing that Start Button in Window 8 or 8.1? What if I told you Windows 8.1 and 8 can find anything almost instantly and you don’t even have to click a mouse?

If you’re on the Metro Screen, just start typing what you want to find. Looking for Word? Start typing Word. Want the Control Panel? Start typing Control. Your search charm will pop open with the results and you can just tap or click on the icon to go there.

Want to find something on the web? Just start typing! Here I’ve typed and I can get to the site with just one touch on the Internet Explorer icon.

Give it a try! You’ll like it.

~ Cynthia

0 thoughts on “Windows 8 – Who Needs A Start Button?

  1. If I remember correctly the icon system for opening programs ect. was invented so that there would be no need to do incessant typing to open them. Seems to me the icons are now a pathway to require typing to open the program. I’ll wait for it to start the cycle over before upgrading my windows os.

  2. I have had Win 8 since May, still hate it. I updated to Win 8.1.. Froze my computer and no matter what still had to go back to a factory reset to get my computer back, (as no way to delete 8.1). Which lost all my programs. Not my data had it backed up.
    The only reason to update is because hard drive was going out again. Every time they do an update their OS that forces everyone to have to buy updated programs, which they could allow. I do not understand why they can not build the stupid things without the constant daily updates. Some of these updates cause a lot more problems than they are worth installing. But if you don’t install you constantly get pop ups saying you have to install. And when I caught my laptop (twice) coming on in the middle of the night when it had been shut off (not just put to sleep) and power disconnected (unplugged)coming on and something running where the only way I got it to shut off was to remove the battery…. That is a damn scary thing. Now I even shut power off to my modem. To hell with them all. I am doubting I will buy another PC. Might try a Mac or just delete the computer all together.

  3. Seems we are going back to DOS like computering with the typing in of commands and searches. First windows introduced the MOUSE, now they are asking us to type stuff using the keyboard. What gives with that. They need to make up their minds.

  4. I am so sticking to Windows 7. Like XP it is easy to use, has a START button, so if I ever need a new computer I will build it and install my Win7 back into it. Stupid Microsoft always has these big ideas of a new system every year and like someone else said new updates all the time even if not needed. Why fix something when it ain’t broke.

  5. I also had a problem with the 8.1 update. I had to find out what they did with restore and got my computer working again. It was freezing up and I couldn’t get into any website. Now I am back in business and will NOT try to install it again. I feel the same about many windows updates. I am very choosy on what I install. For those looking for a start button, Classic Shell works great! And it is free. Now my computer is just like Windows 7.

  6. What about people who are not computer savvy [there are still some!]? You have to know what something is called in order to access it? It is almost time to get my 91 year old mother a new computer – if it has to come with Windows 8 we will have to try to fix her existing one.

  7. Well when I bought my computer in August, it came with windows 8. Did not like it,installed Classic Shell. Now I have a start button and have updated to windows 8.1. So far everything works great. It just takes a little getting used to and at 83 years, it has been a challenge, but life is full of challenges. So far I like it and not freezing problems.

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