How to Delete Application History in Windows 8

When a Metro app is closed in Windows 8, it does not close completely, it just pauses. This feature allows users to multitask and switch between different apps quickly without having to launch the application from. The problem with this is that the app stores data which some users may want deleted. So in this small tip I’m going to show you how to Metro application history as well as terminate any background applications.

Deleting Your Application History

Press the Windows + I key combination on your keyboard for the sidebar to appear, when the sidebar appears click on the ‘More PC Settings’ option.




Once you see the ‘Metro Control Panel’ click on the ‘General’ option and you will be redirected to the General Settings

On the right-hand side of the window, a simple click of the Delete button in the App switching section will delete history from all your apps


Closing 3rd Party Apps on your Computer

To close apps that are running in the background all you need to do is hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete. A small window will then pop up just like the image below and list the applications that are running in the background. Simply click on the app you would like to close and hit ‘End Task’ to close the app. Simple as that.


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