DIY Christmas Lights Planning

Growing up we always put the Christmas tree up after Thanksgiving, and it’s a tradition that I’ve held onto in my adulthood. My roommate and I only put up a tiny tree because the cats had a field day when we put up a larger tree and knocked it over or stole ornaments off of it. But it’s up and makes everything so cozy.

In fact, so cozy that I’ve thought about putting up exterior lights on the house since the cats can’t get to those. 

Before I ever tackle that kind of a project I look for planning guides so I know what I’m getting myself into. When I found this one, I knew I had to share it with you.

I had a ton of questions in mind and this site answered all of them – like how much electricity does running outdoor Christmas lights use? How many lights do I need? What kind of lights do I need? How do I put them up safely? 

You’ll find all of these in featured sections right on the main page! So you don’t have to go hunting for the specific information you want. They even cover Christmas decorations made out of greenery!

I hope this helps you plan for your outdoor decorations!


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