Movie Maker – Why Are My Photos Blurry?

Pat from Minneapolis writes:

I’m using movie maker 2.6 to make a movie & the pictures on my CD are very blurry–please help!

First of all Pat, that’s a pretty old version of Movie Maker.  If your system will permit, I’d go to Microsoft and download a newer version. Click this link to learn which version your system will support.   Then download the newer version if possible.

If that doesn’t take care of the issue, one possibility is that are exporting the video to a DVD or DV-AVI resolution. The resolution of those formats may be much lower that a photo taken with a higher mega-pixel camera.

Consider using a higher resolution output.

When you’ve finished editing your movie in Movie Maker , choose Save Movie on the right side of the screen.

Click the arrow beside Save Movie and you’ll see many options for the resolution.

If you select a lower resolution display option, your video could look quite blurry when displayed on a larger screen like a television.  You could choose a high-resolution display option to see if that helps.

The resolutions for phones and other small devices could be poor on larger screens.

Resolutions for Windows 7 or 8 would be higher.

You could also select Create custom settings.

Then experiment with settings that might work best for you.

 I will caution you that a higher-resolution format may be too large a file to burn onto a CD. So you might wish to burn to a DVD or export to a flash drive. Or perhaps just skip the physical media all together and share you videos via the cloud or by posting on a video site.

~ Cynthia

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