Best Place To Save Converted Videos

Michael writes:

I’ve been getting your newsletter for years and even purchased a few of your items for sale. but this time I just have a couple of tech questions. I have a great many VHS tapes I’d like to reformat and I was thinking of putting them on (flash drives) to save space. DVDs take up a lot of space too when ya get enough of them. Can you recommend a type or a brand that would do the job? I’ve got hundreds of movies I want to save and no room to store them. I’m using the “Diamond VC500 Capture device” and I have windows 7. Thank you for your attention.

 Michael, with hundreds of movies to save, your best bet would be to purchase a dedicated external hard drive instead of dealing with multiple flash drives.

You should be able to purchase a terabyte of drive for less than $100. I’m not sure how much space your converted files take up, but check the size of files you have already converted and multiply that out to see how much space you need.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Thank you for answering my question. I’m guessing your right, one hard drive would be better the a lot of flash drives. However, with a hard drive I would be restricted to watching my movies on my computer and be unable to watch them on my TV or take them with me to watch elsewhere “via usb ports” but thank you anyway…

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