Why Do They Call It DVD Burning?

Mohammed from KSA writes:

Why is it called CD burning as against copying or pasting or saving?

That’s a simple one, it’s because you are literally burning a CD. CD and DVD burners/writers work by using a laser to burn the surface of the CD or DVD. Making certain portions of the surface darker creates a digital pattern. DVD and CD players read discs by running a laser over the surface and this pattern gives the player digital information that it can interpret as data, sound or video.

~ Cynthia

One thought on “Why Do They Call It DVD Burning?

  1. Cynthia needs to do a course on CDs and DVDs! The surface is not part of the content, it is only a platter to mount the information on. The CD or DVD is made by using a laser to punch holes in a polymer layer, backed by a colored crystal layer and a reflective layer between the platter and the label. That is why you are told to never write on the label using pens or pencils, it can damage the information.

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