Can I Upgrade My Windows XP Tablet?

Janice from Alabama writes:

What about tablets running Windows XP? How do we go about upgrading those?

There are two versions of Windows XP Tablet Edition, Tablet PC Edition from 2002 and Tablet PC Edition¬† 2005. The add-on gave additional functionality to Windows tablets, allowing them to better read hand writing on touch screens. The program didn’t just convert you handwriting to text like most programs, it actually understood your handwriting.¬†

Microsoft’s Bill Gates correctly guessed that tablets would be the wave of the future, but consumers went for less expensive tablets like the iPad and Android tablets that don’t offer the full functionality of a PC. Microsoft is now aggressively back in the tablet game with a line of Windows 8 tablets.

Since Windows XP Tablets were often highly customized by the manufacturer, Microsoft suggests going to the manufacturer for support and your best bet might be to find customer support on your tablet manufacturer’s website and ask if it’s possible to upgrade. I you can upgrade, you would need to back up the data you wish to save to an external device or the cloud and then download the new operating system.

You could also try running Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, but I would hesitate to spend the money on a Windows 7 download until I had an assurance from the manufacturer that it would work.

On the bright side, with Windows 8.1, there are a whole lot of tablet options available if you can’t upgrade. These tablets are fast and light and Windows 8.1 works great with a touch screen device. Fully functional tablets start at less than $300 for 8 inch models.

 ~ Cynthia

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