Why Won’t Websites Remember My Password?

Vincent from Lakewood, NJ writes:

On several web sites, including Optimum Online (my ISP) and your site, I am asked if I want my user ID remembered.  I almost always say yes, and I am almost always ignored! How can I get those sites to remember me?

Vincent, that issue is probably due to settings on your browser. Let’s fix it.

If you are using Internet Explorer click the gear symbol or Tools menu and choose Internet Options.

When the Internet Options window opens, select the Content tab. Then choose the settings button next to AutoComplete.

Check User names and passwords on forms and then hit OK.

For Google Chrome select the menu in the upper right corner and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

Go to the very bottom of the page that opens and select Show advanced settings.

Another page will open. Scroll down that page to Passwords and forms. Make sure to tick the boxes that enable Autofill and give you the option to save passwords.

Finally, here’s how to do it in Firefox. Choose the Firefox men, then select Options and then Options again.

When the Options window opens, choose Security at the top and check the box that says Remember passwords for sites.

Hopefully that takes care of the issue for you.

~ Cynthia


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  1. I do not usually save passwords on the computer because I have been told this invites hacking my data and is therefore very dangerous. Is this true?

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