It’s the holiday season, which for a lot of people means stressful shopping season. Giftovus wants to help take some of the stress out of gift giving by providing a place where friends and family can get together online and brainstorm gift ideas. And it’s certainly not limited to holiday shopping, you can use this to help get ideas for birthday or anniversary presents too!

When you land at the main page, scroll down a little bit till you see the big play button. Click it and watch the video (it is just over a minute long) to learn how Giftovus works. There’s also a simple summary of how it works just below that video. 

If you think this looks an awesome tool that will help you gather gift ideas then all you have to do is register for free and get started! It uses the F-connect feature and uses your social network to help you generate gift ideas. They won’t post on your wall. It’s just to help making connecting to the people who might know what your friend or family member might like. 

This is a very cool way to crowd source gift ideas, check it out today!


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  1. It’s pretty fun – just invite your friends and you can pick their brains for ideas and keep it a surprise.

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