iOS7 – Control your Control Center

Those out there that have upgraded to iOS7 know about the Control Center already. Just swipe up from the bottom of your screen and get instant access to your iDevice’s basic controls (camera, screen brightness, Bluetooth, timer, music controls, etc.).

Pretty neat, huh?

…but did you also know that the Control Center can be accessed from the lock screen by default? Yep – this means that at any time your nosy nephew with the sticky peanut butter fingers can flip switches, turn things off and take pictures of the ground at his leisure. No good.  

The minds at Apple knew stuff like this was going to happen, though, so they made it possible to limit access to the Control Center – just in case.   

How do you do it?

Just tap your Settings icon, then find “Control Center” in the left column. Tap, and from there you’ll see two options: one to allow access the Control Center from the lock screen, and one to allow access from within apps. Just flip whatever switch(es) flips your switch, and you’re all set!


Now the only way to access the Control Center is on the home screen. Tired of limited access? Just follow these steps, flip the switches and turn it back on!


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