OneNote App Adds Scanning, Text Conversion

Microsoft has a big update for for the OneNote App in Windows 8.1. This handy little notebook application is available for PC and phones, but is especially useful on a touchscreen device like a Surface Pro or the Dell Venue.  If you don’t already use OneNote, you can find it in the Windows Store for free.

Among the new features for Windows 8.1 users is the ability to capture a screen by using the share charm. So, say I wanted to capture this webpage or something from another app to save in a note.

All I need to do is swipe from the right or click the top right corner and choose the Share Charm

Then you’ll have several options for sharing the page, including OneNote.

When you select OneNote, the page will be saved in one of your notebooks.

 You can also now use your device’s camera as a scanner within OneNote.  Choose the little note icon and you’ll have a variety of options. Pick camera and you can take a photo or video to add to your notes.

You’ll see an icon to the left of the screen.

You will see the option to take a photo of a document or whiteboard.


Once you have the image of a document, you can choose to convert it to editable text.

And it will translate the text into an editable document.

 Other features include improved note taking ability with a stylus, including the ability to use different colored inks and view your notes in full screen, plus some bug fixes.

Check it out for free in the Windows App Store.

~ Cynthia

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