Street View Treks: Venice

Venice is on my list of must-see places when I eventually visit Europe.  Until then I’m going to settle for this awesome Google Maps Street View Trek through the Streets of Venice. 

Navigation is easy, start by scrolling down the page. 

The first thing you get to see is an amazing aerial shot of Venice. 

Next up, is checking out historical Venice. Click the markers to investigate the locations. Once clicked you’ll receive a snapshot of the location and some information about it. If you click the snapshot, that location will open in another tab and you’ll get a closer view of it. I highly reccomend taking a closer look at Teatro La Fenice (The Phoenix Theater) the building is beautiful.

After you’ve had your fill of the historical, scroll down again to the Roam the City section. Here you’ll find two options at the left and right of your screen, you can either Explore on Foot or Explore on Vaporetto. The default is to Explore by Gondola and was by far my favorite way to get around the city. To navigate  just use your mouse to click around the panorama. 

The next section you’ll scroll down to is the Take a Tour section, I know you’re thinking to yourself, but I just did that! I know I did. But this is different, it connects famous pieces of art with the location depicted within them. Again you’ll click the markers to investigate, this time when you click the image you’ll get a pop up that shows you the artwork and a side by side image of its location in Venice. 

Get Lost lets you watch a video that shows you what you can do with this Street View Trek, it’s about a minute long. 

The next section lets you pick from three different paths to explore. You can select I Like Adventure, I Like History, and I Like Romance. Each option shows you three locations to explore. 

And last but not least, are options to go explore other locations like the Galapagos Islands, Mt. Everest, the Grand Canyon, and Iqaluit. Even more locations can be found by clicking on the Street View Treks link at the top or bottom of the page. ‘

This has made me even more excited to plan a trip to Venice in the future! I hope you’ll go check it out today!


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