In The News: 12-13-2013

Facebook Boosts News In Feeds

With more and more people counting on their Facebook news feed as a source for current events, Facebook has announced a plan to boost the placement of news articles in feeds, especially on mobile devices.

They promises a greater emphasis on news, current events and sports stories and also bumping up the position of news stories with fresh comments. That may result in you seeing the same post reappear in your feed, but Facebook says it’s because they want to lead to more conversations between friends about content.

Posts will also feature related content from other sites.

Amazon Expands Home Grocery Delivery

Amazon is planning to expand its AmazonFresh grocery delivery service to San Francisco. 

Users can order fresh veggies and fruit along with dairy and meat and have them delivered right to their doors. The service is already available in Seattle and Los Angeles.

 eBay CEO Says Amazon Drones Are A Fantasy

 In a television interview, eBay CEO John Donahue said that Amazon’s drone delivery plan was  a long-term fantasy” and that eBay was focused on things they could do today. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos previously said that he expects to have drone delivery in place by 2015.

~ Cynthia

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