Kathryn from Effingham, Ill writes:

Steve; My “Adobe Flash” is not being recognized. I have deleted it from my computer and restored it both from the Adobe site and from the links on the sites that say I don’t have on my computer. No matter which way I install it, no site seems to recognize it. It will show up when I check on my programs that are installed on computer. Please, any suggestion would be appreciated. Love your site and thanks in advance.

There are several reasons why your computer will not recognize your Adobe Flash Player even if you have just reinstalled it. The browser that you are using when reinstalling the flash player can be the first reason. The outdated flash player and blocked add-ons are the other possible reasons. Here are some ways on how you can make your Flash Player work.

Which Browser You Use Matters

You cannot watch videos from YouTube if the flash player is not recognized. The very first thing that you may do when you find that your flash player is not recognized is to reinstall it. If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer, here are the steps to fix the issue:

For Firefox Browser

Reset the browser to its default settings to resolve the issue with the flash player. The following are the steps for resetting:


* Check Firefox. Go to Help then check the location for the Troubleshooting Information.

* Go to “Reset Firefox” option.

* Browser will automatically close and will start resetting.

* A window which tells you that information is imported will appear. Then click Finish.

* Factory default settings of Firefox are applied.

 For Internet Explorer Browser

 The edition of your Internet Explorer browser may be another reason why your flash player is not being recognized.


 * Only use the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer. When using IE 8, 9, and 10, make sure that you have the 32 bit version. 

* To see what edition of IE 8 you are using, go to Internet Explorer > Help Menu  > About Internet Explorer. Go to Tools button > About Internet Explorer for IE 9.

* Use the 32 bit version by enabling the add-on through the Manage Add-on dialog box or turn on the ActiveX Filtering.

* Reinstall the flash player and then check if it works by going to your YouTube account. 

Updating the Flash Player

Flash player will not be recognized and will quit working if you have an outdated version installed. Update it regularly.


* Go to Adobe’s Flash tester to get the latest version. You can also go to http://www.adobe.com/go/getflash.

* Download the uninstaller of Adobe Flash Player.

* Run the installer. Close all the programs that are running.

* Check whether there is a need to restart Windows. Check the uninstaller’s output.

* Make sure that the one true copy of Internet Explorer browser is running. 

* Adobe will ask administrative access to the computer for Opera, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.

Blocked Add-ons

Flash player will sometimes be unrecognized for security purposes. For your IE browser, you can manage your add-ons through the following:


* Go to Internet Explorer > Tools button > Managed add-ons.

* Go to Show option > All add-ons

– Click disable option to disable add-ons

– Click enable option to enable add-ons

* Click the close button.

* Go to YouTube to check if the flash player is working. Choose a video to play.

Do not fret if your flash player does not work. The tips listed in here are just some of the many things that you can do to resolve the issue. Hopefully, the steps above will resolve your Flash problems permanently.

~ Cory Buford