How Can I Print Just Part Of A PDF?

Michael from Kissimmee, Florida writes:

I want to read the Tech Tips Monthly newsletter, but want to print it out. The problem is, I don’t want to print out a repeat of the daily tech info, only the new exclusive stuff. Printing out the whole month’s info is too much to print.

Michael, you’re kind of defeating the idea of an eMagazine here by printing it out. But if you want a hard copy, we’ll get you one. Fortunately most PDF readers will allow you to select exactly what you want to print.

Here’s my Tech Tips Monthly for December opened in a PDF reader.

From looking at the table of contents, I know that the new articles are on pages 1 through 13.

So I can click on the print icon or select print, depending on the reader I’m using.

I can choose to print the entire document, only the page I’m looking at or select a range of pages.  Here I’ve selected pages 1 through 13.

I will be able to print off only the articles I want.

~ Cynthia

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