Can An iPad Talk To An Android?

Richard from Florida writes:

Is there any way two iPads can talk to each other one is Apple the other is Android, we have tried different ways, but they all work with phone numbers. Is there another way?  Thank you.

Richard what you have here are two tablets, one an iPad and one an Android. The name iPad only applies to tablets manufactured by Apple and running the iOS system. If you say iPad when you mean Android, you might end up with some confusion along the way. You’re dealing with two separate operating systems, iOS and Android. Fortunately, that’s not really a problem.

 Messaging between the devices is a simple as downloading the Android version of an app for your Android and the Apple Skype App for your iPad. Skype will let you make voice and video calls. Viber is also an example of an app available for both platforms that offers voice calls. You do need a phone number to set up Viber. Skype will let you make voice and video calls. Any messaging app that allows video calls and has a version for Android and iPad should work.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I recently discovered the Magic Jack app (for Android so I am sure there is one for iPad). Even if you don’t own a Magic Jack device you can use the app for free. You have to call out from the app and it assigns itself a number. The caller ID on the called device (even home and cell phones which you’d normally have to pay for!) is the number the person calls you back on! Free to US and Canada!

    1. Yes, Richard. You can do a straight video call from an iPad to an Android as long as both devices are using the same app.

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