Re-gifting a Kindle

I recently purchased a Kindle Fire HDX, but I still had a perfectly good first generation Kindle Fire that I wouldn’t be needing. I decided to gift it to a friend who loves to read and watch movies on demand, but has never owned a tablet.

With most tablets all you need to do is a factory reset and all of your personal information is erased.  Kindles, because they are tied to your Amazon account are a two-step process. Whether you are giving away or selling a Kindle, you’ll want to make sure you clear out your information and get the tablet ready for the next user.

You’ll need to de-register your Kindle so that it is no longer tied to your account. This prevents anyone from either accidentally or on-purpose purchasing items from your Amazon account.

To deregister your Kindle using the device, tap the quick settings icon and and then choose more.


Choose My Account

Then select the device you wish to deregister and choose Deregister.

You can also de-register the Kindle Fire by going to, selecting Your Account and choosing Manage Your Kindle.

Then select Manage Your Devices.

You’ll see all the devices registered to your account. Choose the one you wish to deregister.

And tap or click Deregister.

The Kindle is now longer connected to your Amazon account. Now you can clear all of your information off the device is one easy step.

  To wipe all of our personal information from a Kindle tablet, tap the Quick settings Icon.

Then choose More followed by Device.

Tap Reset To Factory Defaults.

The Kindle will restart and all you information will be cleared off the device. Your books, your apps, you music, your video… it’s all gone. My Kindle doesn’t offer any external memory, but if you are resetting a device that does, you need to clear off that memory card as well or remove it.

The new owner of the Kindle Fire will need to register the device to his or her Amazon account. One nice bonus I noticed was that when my friend registered the Kindle, she also got a free 30-day-trial of Amazon Prime Videos, which meant she could watch a lot of TV and movies and have the opportunity to borrow books for free from the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

The new owner will need to set up their WiFi, e-mail etc… and download any apps they wish to use from the Amazon App Store.

You will need to follow a similar process for a Barnes & Noble Nook. Go to to manage a Nook account.

 ~ Cynthia


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