Help! Laptop Acting Up After Downgrade To Windows 7

Ali from Qatar writes:

First, thanks to you guys & gals because your newsletters are very very very helpful for me. One of my friends has brought a new laptop with Windows 8 but what he has done is, he gave  to  the IT(who repairs the system) guy, the IT guy removed Windows 8 and installed Windows 7. It’s okay, but laptop headphone connection and USB ports are not working properly. Can you help to sort out this problem? Thanks.

The issue could be related to either hardware or software.  Did he test out the USB ports and the headphone connection before the IT guy worked on it?  If the headphone jack and USB ports never functioned, I’d suggest returning the laptop. Though removing the operating system might have invalidated any warranty.

If the headphone connection is Bluetooth and not a physical plug, there is the possibility that you are missing some drivers for Windows 7. Microsoft does offer this troubleshooting program for USB devices. 

Check the manufacturer’s website for your headphones for Windows 7 drivers. And that IT guy could also take a second look.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I’m not trying to plug a software here, but I went through this many times as I myself repair computers. Doing a W8 to W7 downgrade is not as easy as it was to downgrade from say Windows Vista to XP (or even 7 to Vista for whatever would posses someone to do that). First, the hard drive configuration used to run W8 is not compatible with W7. You can’t simply run the W7 installation without first changing the hard drive type.
    Anyway, as I’m getting off subject, once you get W7 installed on the what was W8 machine you’ll discover that some hardware manufactures (especially graphics cards) don’t offer drivers for anything BUT W8 or W8.1 (32 & 64 bit). On the first machine downgrade I did, I spent almost two days searching for drivers and found everything except a compatible graphics driver. This caused the system to run on “Standard VGA” which doesn’t support AREO and even the screen savers wouldn’t work. Finally I came across a handy free program that updated all the drivers and fixed everything. I use this program now for any downgrade or new install I do.
    It’s called SlimDriver (you can get it free from CNET). It offers a paid “automatic” version, but the free one does the job.
    Hope this helps your current situation and anyone else that has run across driver issues.

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