James from Pontiac writes:

What can you do when Microsoft keeps losing your password. I can add a new password then Microsoft loses it. same problem with Yahoo, too. It gets to be a pain. You can’t email them they hide like cowards.

James, I’m not sure if you mean that your browser isn’t remembering your passwords or if you’re typing them in and being told they aren’t valid. Either way, it’s unlikely that both Microsoft and Yahoo are both losing your passwords. You enter your password and it pretty much sits untouched in your account unless you choose to make changes to it.

If the issue is that your browser won’t remember your passwords, it’s most likely that you have certain security settings on your browser that tell it not to remember passwords. 

Click this article to learn how to take care of that issue.

If you have stored usernames and passwords in the past, but can’t seem to get them right now, you might want to check out Windows Credential Manager. Click this link to learn more.

Microsoft and Yahoo aren’t hiding from you when it come to resetting or retrieving passwords.  For Microsoft you can go to the Outlook.com sign in page and select Can’t access your account.

Then you can reset your password.

For Yahoo!, you can follow this link and then choose, I can’t access my account Help.

You then tell Yahoo! what the issue is.

Then you can reset your password.

I can almost guarantee you that Microsoft and Yahoo! aren’t losing or changing your passwords. The way account systems are set up, it’s almost impossible for someone to do it accidentally or even on purpose. In 99.99% of password issues, human error is involved. We all do it, we miss a capital letter or space or type an o when it should be a zero.  This can be especially tricky since most passwords don’t display when you type them and I find that touch screen devices can easily lead you astray.

My advice is that if you get a confirmation e-mail with a username and password, try copying and pasting the username and password into the appropriate field to see if that works. If you find yourself having issues a lot with passwords, I’d suggest letting your browser remember your passwords and usernames. It probably also wouldn’t hurt for you to keep a Notepad or Word file with usernames and passwords. It’s certainly not the most secure practice in the world, but as a practical matter it gives you the ability to cut and paste usernames and passwords into fields to ensure accuracy or you might consider downloading a password manager like KeePass.

~ Cynthia