I stumbled into this site after running across a photo from one of the documentaries. What I found took my breath away and I knew I had to share these galleries with you. 

After arriving at the site, I immediately went to the Images section to navigate the photo-documentary galleries. I worked my way across from left to right and fully went through each gallery. It was 100% worth the time. The images are breathtaking and beautiful. One of my favorites is from the first gallery Thule hunters – Greenland – Image 04. 

Once you’ve clicked into a gallery you have an assortment of navigation options in the top right. You can select to view Thumbnails, a PDF version, and you can press Play to start the slideshow of photos and text. 

In the Video section you’ll find three videos: Dust, The Making of Dust, and Thule hunters. I recommend all of them. 

The Mission section is where you’ll find the details about the Project, Biographies, and the Human Thread that traces how humans are dependent on nature. 

This site is really awesome, I hope you’ll check it out today and be as blown away by it as I was.